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so until next time waj and i will see you online. f. ♪ . >> this is al jazeera. >> hello, and welcome to the news hour. coming up in the program, the tables turned in ukraine. prorussia gunman take over government buildings. one of the worst attacks of syria's three year civil war, schools are dead, and the rebels or civilians. including angel americale tells the british wants a strong u.k. to help reform it.
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and the develop of the costa concordia goes back onboard the wreck as part of his trial. >> staying ahead of the weather the new satellite record that could predict big storms. >> . center of the power struggle in ukraine appears to have shifted. it's been a week after protests forced out the government, the other side of the story is emerging in premier pro russian gunman have taken over there. and that's prompt add series of warnings to moscow, not to take any military action. lawrence lee reports when europe's new proxy war. >> the premier capital. into a source of kiev but in reverse. the building known as dozens of apparently heavily armed men,
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protect thing fit what they see as profoundly to protect them. >> because american armies was supported in different countries today we support russian army, because every one of us has relatives in russia. >> the police line started by just a hand full of uncertain men. the small group proved just how unimpressive it was. >> the the misline, such as it was, simply melted away, as these people obviously said they too hold the protest right in front of the building but
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the moment here, there's nobody to stop them doing more or less what they feel like. >> now a daily protest as well outside the administrative building, today surprise guests, hard line russian nationalist, and member of the russian parliaments. he went to talks with the russian mayor in this supposedly ukrainian city. this woman could barely hide her fury. we educated them, they could barely read before we taught them. they general unily think they are now being governed by a bunch of fascist sympathizing bezzants. after the shootings of protestors in kiev, walk around here with faces on display. and behind all this is the sure knowledge that whatever aspirations the new government in kiev may have, the russians were in premier a long time ago. >> it's becoming pretty
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obvious now that ukraine is in the middle of a diplomatic proxy war, between the western russia, and as of right now, you have a government in kiev which harbored aspirations the r this country, one day, p froms to join the union, but if that happens it would be a union country with a russian fleet on it's southern edge. >> and so did this local politician think the naval forces would ever leave them? >> it's impossible, he says and he is almost certainly right. so are they on the brink of war or separation? it is hard to know, but here the russian block aren't listening to a word the new leaders have to say. lawrence lee, al jazeera, premier. >> robin forrester walker, robin, what are we to make of everything that's gone on today? >> well, everyone is worked trying to work out exactly what appears to be happening, and i think
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you can look at it two ways. on the one hand, one can see this as that power struggle that proxy war that lawrence is referring to there with these pro russian forces or political factions. making their presence felt, outside the parliament, outside the council of ministers building here. waiting the russian flags shouting russian slogans and on the inside, those armed men, not quite clear exactly who they are and what they wanted but basically this idea that there's a potential for a break away, and that all the fears that that entails. on the other, this down an internal matter and power play going on after the president has fled he still left behind his region government down here, and they are unpopularren oboth sides. this is turning into potentially an ethnic divide, and yet both communities down here wanting that government out.
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significantly, today, while they want to vote for a referendum later this year, on the premiers political future, whether it's going to be more independent, there was also a vote to remove that unpopular party of regence. tainted government, so there is the potential still, for a resolution to this if both sides were able to come together and work out a way forward. today russians coming out, can always result in a more dangerous situation ahead. >> intriguing. robin, thank you for that. well, it looks like ukraine's missing president may be about to surface. he is call add press conference in southern russia, for friday, but where has he been? he left kiev six days ago, on friday, february the twenty-first, one day later, he gave a press conference that was his l public appearance. we received reports on the weekend, that he
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attempted to fly out of the country but was turned back. several reports of sitings first from where yanukovych has a seaside home, and a luxury yacht. then there were other reports one said that he was in greece, and a taxi driver in dubai that swears he picked him up over the weekend. live for us in moscow, any more clues as to where he might be? >> the whole catalog of possible sitings there. there's no real clear idea, a pretty credible russian fuse paper yesterday, which said that he had been staying in that hotel there. hotel ukraine. in moscow, earlier on in
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the week, it's all kept very hush hush with high security around the hotel while he was supposed to be staying there. the management denied it afterwards and said no that he hadn't been there for ages. he was then supposed to have moved on to a luxury village on the outsecurities of moscow. but again, there's no clear siting of him there. what we do know is he has call add press conference. it was announced on russian state media, tha he was going to be holding a press conference, lit be tomorrow. friday, i will be 1300, and it will be in the russian city the southern russian city. so although redon't know where he is now, we probably can guess that he is going to be there tomorrow.
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and where he has been in the meantime i suppose is anyone's guess. >> how worried is russian sha about what is happening in ukraine at the moment? >> well, it's dominating all the tv stations. it is dominating the newspapers as well. if you speak to people on the streets the you do get a wide variety of sentiments expressed as you would expect of a country with this diversity and size. we were out talking to people earlier on today, and yes, some fairly hard line approaches from some people saying that russia should be using stall lannist tactics but that's not really the majority. what most people express when you ask them is the feeling that ukrainians are brothers to them. that these are two countries that have long connections to each other, going back centuries and that there is deep concern about what is going on there. also deep concern
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expressed for the fate of ethnic russians in premier. but of course there's not just russia that is concerned about what is going on in the the ukraine. western countries are as well, and there was some fairly stern warnings from nato earlier on today about russian sha's role in this, and the potential for russian escalation. >> i urge russia not to take any action that the can escalate tension or create my understanding. i urge the new ukrainian leadership to continue it's efforts to establish an inclusive political process, that reflects the democratic aspirations of the entire the ukrainian people. what he was renerring to there is the military drills that russia is undertaking that many
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have seen as rattling and rather dark message of military intents. but russia is putting out a lot of different messages at the moment. it is also saying that the russia and the west should be working together to solve the problem in ukraine, and it is also saying that russia will do everything in it's power uncompromisingly to protect the fate of ethnic russians in premier, so i think it is really the role of p western governments to unpick exactly what intentions are, because it maybe isn't that clear. >> all right, thank you for that. parliament has agreed on an interim government, with the former the chief pointed prime minister, later we will be looking at the challenges ahead, not the least looming economic crisis. norway has released video
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of an international operation to remove chemical arms from syria, the footage shows a danish norwegian task force, transporting acts last month. the government has missed at least two deadlines over the last two months to eliminate it's chemical stock pile. when the army says it has killed 175 rebels in an ambush, opposition activists say the government attack as convoy of civilians. these are the pictures broadcast that the military the claim show the bloody aftermath on an ambush on a column of fighters. the syrian government called them terrorists. under road in eastern got that near damascus. again, state t.v. broadcast footage of the moment of the attack.
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a massive explosive bobby trap, rebel sourced claimed that any survivors were killed in the gunfire. the government says it was a major victory. our troop thes acted on intelligence. the armed forces managing to finish off and kill all it's fighters. the importance of this operation comes as we are trying to stop the terrorists. >> but the free syrian army tell as very different story. they say rebel fighters were escorting civilians that needed medical attention from a besieged area. >> the the attack started by mines followed by heavy clashes then government forces cleared
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the area. >> the attack may sickal a new chapter in the convoy. >> the rejet stream has stopped the momentum of the rebels. primarily because of the intervention of hizballah. probably an extension the of more money and material like backers of russia and iran. the regime has stopped the advance, and is even in some cases pushing them back. >> while the fighting is far from over, this attack stands out as probably one of the deadliest in syria's three years of civil war. al jazeera. >> other world headlines at least two people have been killed in ford bombings across the iraqi capitol. most of the victims died in two attacks and mostly shiite city district. another bomb target add minibus in the northern sharp neighborhood.
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two soldiers were also killed. britain state controlled bank has reported lotsing of $13.6 billion for last year. $800 million was set aside for bonuses. 75 billion r thats bail out in global financial crisis in 2008. south korea says it's northern neighbor has test fired four short range missiles. the minister of the defense says they were fired into the sea off the eastern coast. it's three days after they began their joint military exercises with the united states. a someday of global action is underway to draw attention to the plight of the al jazeera journalists impressed in egypt. al jazeera is demanding the release of it's staff. they have now spent 61 days in prison. they have been accused of spreading false news, al jazeera rejects all the
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stories. and ore journalists from the networks arabic channel has been held since august. he has been on hunger strike for more than a month to protest against his imprisonment. media outfits are holding a day of global action to press for media freedom. we have been fracking all of those developments and we have this report. >> there's a simple word to describe this day of action, huge. we were looking at events happening in the the 14 locations around the world, all to highlight the need for media freedom. but the online reaction to that was astonishing. this is how the #free a.j. staff went viral. this was where it was trending a couple of hours. top in places like new york, washington, d.c., london, and nairobi.
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some 18,000s 800 tweets have gone out with that #. directly reaches 25 million people. it's potentially reached over half a billion people. and coupled with all of this online support, were actual events all over the world, gathering of journalists and anyone who had an interest in media freedom. they dame out in force. >> kenya where there was the a peaceful protest, they marched in the streets calling for the release of the staff, remembering, of course, one of our detained colleagues is based there. he even received this special honor from the foreign correspondent association. >> i just wanted to announce on behalf -- that we have decided to elect peter as our chairman, and a show of
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solidarity for him and our other dethe taped colleagues in egypt. >> and so it carries around, here is just a brief look back at this global day of action. >> some of the the sign of protests from all around the world. when all else gathers in the al jazeera english newsroom for a silence protest, it was a moving moment, because we are all double carrier i on with our jobs here.
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while our colleagues in die row cannot. so for one brief moment we all stopped as one to support them. i have been here since a year before we launched this channel, i have never seen a moment like this in our newsroom. but it is important to remember this movement goes beyond our own self. it is the about media freedom everywhere. a sentiments best demonstrated in this video. it has one central theme, which is global day of action was always about. quite simply, i am a journalist. still to dam, while australia's national darier is cutting five the teen% of it's work force. and in sports p from french footballer for making an offensive gesture during a match, those details coming up.
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rebel force thed have recaptured the upper nile state. a week ago, the first time since then journalists have been able to enter the town. appalling abuses were committed. reports on the violence that forced the entire civilian population to flee. just a week ago. the church in the town. >> the people inside. >> realize some after
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young as ten years old. >> since the conflict began, control of mallkal has changed five times. and with each assault, there's been more destruction. >> but the violence brought against the population in this latest attack, exceeded everything that came before it. according to aid agencies armed men swept through this hospital, shooting patients in their beds. days later bodies are still here. decomposing as the hospital is looted around them. >> well, i'm very upset is what i feel the. i wonder where the people are. and quite shocked at what we have seen her today with this city deserted. >> it hasn't been possible to stop anywhere for more than five minutes. the situation is very tense, no sign of any government forces at all, only rebel on face. >> the only civilians
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remaining in the town are a hand full of those are the too wreak or old to leave. just 2 1/2 months into the conflict, more than 10,000 people are believed to have been killed. and the violence is continuing. al jazeera, south sudan. >> let's go back to our top story. ukraine where politicians have agreed to run the country until elections in may. in the your european news center has more on that. >> the head of that government, the new prime ministers before he had even been approved he agreed that $37 billion of loans went missing during yanukovych's rule, and with the state treasury empty, ukraine is facing an even more challenging future. tim friend reports from kiev. >> they were supposed to be confirming a new government. but events initial thely
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overwhelmed the parliament. increasingly nervous about what their overthrow may have unleashed. it brought this warning from the acting president. >> everybody that tries to take over government building northeast, west, center, south, and north, is going to be treated as having the committed a crime, against the government of the the ukraine. it was the a historic day, promising that the victims had not died in vain. the newly elected prime minister, said that the country was on the bring of collapse. a staggering $37 billion missing from state coffers under yanukovych. >> russia, the u.s., and the u.k. should take the on responsibility, under
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the budapest memorandum, to guarantee this will not grow into a military conflict that no country, will intervene in the internal affairs of ukraine. they are the inexperienced in parliamentary politics. senior colleagues don't underestimate the task ahead. >> we count on the the operation european union, and some major powers in the the helping to dope with this. >> beyond the the crisis in the the ukraine government need thes $35 billion in international aid to keep the economy afloat. it's new ministers will
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be power less without it. tim friend, al jazeera, kiev. >> ukraine's prime minister is warning that the situation is so grave, they will have no alternative but to take extraordinary unpopular measures. the international fund is sending a fact finding team next week to ukraine, in response to the country's request for help. for more on that, we can talk to -- i am told that we don't have him to help us analyze the economic situation, perhaps later in the evening, for now though, in sport, a bit later we go to south africa where youngsters are being introduced to fencing to keep them off the street, that's all from us, back to doe ha.
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they need assistance.
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>> there's no such thing as illegal immigration. >> al jazeera america presents... a breakthrough television event borderland a first hand view at the crisis on the border. >> how can i not be affected by it? >> strangers, with different points of view take a closer look at the ongoing conflict alex, a liberal artist from new york and randy, a conservative vet from illinois...
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>> are you telling me that it's ok to just let them all run into the united states? >> you don't have a right to make judgements about it... >> they re-trace the steps of myra, a woman desparately trying to reunite with her family. >> to discover, and one of their children perish in the process, i don't know how to deal with that. >> will they come together in the face of tradgedy? >> why her? it's insane. >> experience illegal immigration up close, and personal. >> the only way to find out is to see it yourselves... >> on... borderland only on al jazeera america >> this is the real deal man... pro russian protest the theres have seized government buildings. they have the the the raised the the flag in a the challenge to the new leadership.
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meanwhile, the foreign minister has been appointed as the new interim prime minister. face many challenges including a part out of a looming economic crisis and stemming the tide of separatism. the syrian army says it has killed 175 rebels in an ambush. state t.v. reports the fight errs were attacked in eastern damascus, they say the rebels were escorting civilians when they were targeted. well, good news we managed to get our guest back in london, so let's go back to the that. let's take a look at the economic crieses and we can now. a ukraine analyst with our global the insight here in london. she joins me from their studio. we heard the words earlier talking about the missing $37 billion in loans that will obviously have a huge impact on the economy. and indicate as quite
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staggering scale of financial disruption of the previous government, doesn't it. >> well, corruption is one of the the biggest issues rallying issues for the opposition, and it is the only expected that we will see more of this. obviously we will have to wait and see whether there's an investigation, and all the facts are established properly. but i think it is fair to assume that the opposition will have to deliver on its promise of investigating the businesses, and commercial interests that the previous government numbers had. >> the new man at the helm should know what he is talking about, he is of course the former economy minister, and he didn't sugar coat things when he said welcome to held in terms of the job aheld of them in steadying the economy. s in a country that having just come through a bloody revolution must now face posterity as well. >> frankly, they should have faced it a long time
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ago, and the irony that the economic christs has been building up for some time. ukrainian economy has been locked in recessions since 2013, and it has played a decisive role in yanukovych's choice of going for short term fix, getting russians support. but that didn't work, because the the opposition was adamant to overlook the economic issues and pursue the integration. now that they are in charge of the government, they have to deal with years of economic mismanagement, and part of it is cut down spending. deal with the subsidies, all very unpopular measures and that's what the new prime minister is warning about. >> and potentially painful measures as well. let me ask you this the, another also becket of the situation, is russia and the extent to which the banks are exposed to the ukrainian banks if
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the financial system in ukraine were to fall over. s that an additional incentive for russia now despite all the bluster to actually work with the west and international institutions if they become involved to help resolve the economic situation? in their interests? >> absolutely. i think there's no secret that russia has economic leverages and ukraine, but at the same time, it is quite depend on this dun. it is depend for transiting at least 60% of it's e.u. bound energy gas. also, russian banks major banks have large investments in this country. i think even president putin stated a figure that $28 billion worth exposure in the ukraine, and today we already learned that two major banks have a russian
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banks have been winding down and of course, russian investors just like any invest the the the tor, would be very worried about a political instability. and this is having a mitigating, curbing impact on how russia will treat the ukraine and the new government in the testimony cooing months. >> okay, ukraine and russia, analysts with ihs global incite, thank you for the your time. >> thank you. >> now the, angle americale has become she ao warned she doesn't support the reform that prime minister david cameron wants. nadine barber reports. >> europe's most powerful
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politician the, in one of it's oldest parliaments. angel merkel told the politicians how much she respected british, but reforming the union prime minister, don't get your hopes up. >> i have been told many times during the last two days that there are very special expectations of my speech here today. supposedly, or so i have heard, some expect to pave a way for a fundamental reform of the european architecture, which will satisfied all kinds of alleged or extra british wishes. i am afraid they are infor a disappointment. >> . >> my object save clear. i want to say to the
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bittish people, and the referendum that will take place that we sufficiently reform the european union, that they should vote to remain in it. >> in the event merkel was blunt, she couldn't envision opting out of the treaty, but she was prepared to revisit issues that dominate politics. >> for freedom of movement means that anyone looking for work can come to germany and get the same benefits for someone that has been uhm employed that's not how i managed the movement. what he got instead was vague hints that should be open to tweaking european regulations here or there, but also a reminder that anything more would like the backing of all 28 member states. some commentary r toes like this member of britain's upper house, believe cameron has already burned too many
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bridges in europe. >> it is not a matter of going in there and making threats. and the more britain makes threats that it might leave, the less likely it is that our partners will give us what david cameron calls a new concessions. >> so she left for tea with the queen, chancellor merkel knew she had charmed the class, but had done nothing to harm her own position, quite a performance. london. >> a former german president has been cleared of corruption charges including allegedly accepting more than 700 euros worth of hospitality at the octoberfest in munich. the charges related to christian premier of state and the case propertied him to resign two years ago. his fall from grace the was an embarrassment to
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angela merkel. >> 28-year-old lori love faces a maximum sentence of ten years in prison if found guilty of accessing servers belonging to the u.s. federal reserve. love is accused of stealing and publicly disclosing personal information the. >> two the the the the the the the the years after his luxury cruise liner capsized killing 32 people, the captain of the the costa concordia has been back onboard the ship. currently on trial for manslaughter and abandoning ship. >> the the the francesco was swamped by the media as he returned to the ship he captained to tragedy. but after spending four hours onboard, accompanying experts as they dairied out a court order he had an answer. >> there are those that
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have already plea bargained i am here today, and undergoing trial, so before the you say the guilty one, or the person responsibility, i am doing this. investigates were expecting an emergency generator the that was meant to power generators and which didn't work the night of the ship wreck. his lawyers had demanded he be allowed to join them. >> he faced up to 20 years in prison, charged with abandons ship, causing environmental the damage the and manslaughter. resident who is have been faced with this daily reminder of the the tragedy for more than two years are divided over his return. >> the therefore, there's no sense for him to come here, in the front of the ship, when all this happened he was basically -- he took the a cab to go back to his hotel, when everybody was running around looking for the parents, their children. >> in whatever way, anybody can make a mistake, and especially
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it can happen to the others who then give you the blame because you are then responsibility. 32 people were killed when it hit rocks and capsized off the the does in january 20 the 12. more than 4,000 people were onboard, which means a long list of witnesses in the trial, expected to last several more months. a chapter that didn't end soon enough for residents eager to move on. >> and that's all the news from europe for now, back to you in doha. ♪ p. >> the first of nine satellites took off from an island in japan. monitor rain and snowfall to understanding of earth's claimant and
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improve the forecasting of extreme weather. teri explains. >> wattser a fundamental part of life on earth. but only 3% is fresh, and the knowledge of where and when rainfalls is limited. this makes planning for gnash disasters difficult. that's why nasa and a number of other space agencies plan to launch a new network of nine satellites. twenty-first a heft few four-ton space will orbit the earth recording with unprecedented detail, where, when, and how much it rains or snows. you can only do it at certain weather stations in certain locations. and the thing that a slight gives you is the
1:41 pm
opportunity to measure a much wider area. once all nine satellites are up, they will provide data every three hours. instruments among them is a microwave imager, capable of measures the intensity and movement of rainstorms. may also carry a radar camera that help pros deuce 3 d images and see how they form and change over time. >> the global precipitation network will allow us to better understand the cycles of rainfall and i van ration that happen across the entire planet. and that will allowtous better manage fresh water resources. it will give us a better understanding for massive catastrophic weather systems like hurricanes, and it will allow us to predict flooding, and
1:42 pm
drought more accurately as well. from enhanced weather, to climate modeling and disaster prevention. >> data from the news satellites will help us better deal with the challenges of life on earth. al jazeera. >> australia's airline is cutting five the teen% of it's work force that's 5,000 jobs after posting more than $220 million. from the sidney, andrew thomas reports. >> over 25 year career, as a flight attendant, gathered a lot of memories and had some exciting moments. but two weeks ago, he took redundancy from the airline. >> it is an amazing company, if it wasn't i would haven't been there for 25 years i would have left a long time ago. but it is an amazing company. it is amazing people. song, others will be
1:43 pm
calling their former employer. including the cutting or more than 1/6th of the company's staff. >> taking $2 billion in costs by the end of 2017 requires difficult decisions. today i regret to announce we will be reducing our employee numbers by the equivalent of 5,000 full time staff over the next three years. >> trade union leaders are furious. these job cuts are just the latest, they think once this problem is poor management, not excessive staff. >> what we say is for the airline to return to profitability, there only needs to be one redundancy. >> as well as making redundancy the the airline is cutting routs.
1:44 pm
first to sing moore will go smaller planes will fly from sidney, the aircraft fleet will be cut by 50. >> kwan us the has been an australian icon for decades but to remain one it needs to adapt to a commercial environment. but as well as cutting costs and changing itself, the airline is pushing for a change in the way it is regulated. australia's government is wering lifting restrictions on foreigners the company also wants the government to guarantee it's steps, with change from within, and a change of regulation the management thinks they can help the airline fly high once again. andrew thomas, al jazeera, sidney. >> other world headlines a second controversial audio tape featuring the tickerrish prime minister has been released. it allegedly captures him telling his son for more money from a businessman, in return for government incentives. he has said the first reporting was a fakes, al
1:45 pm
jazeera cannot independently verify the authenticity of the tapes. here in cat catar, 12 people have been killed. it is believed -- which tore through the building close to the city's landmark mall. an indian soldier shot five of his colleagues dead before killing himself. he was deployed in a counter terrorism unit. u.s. has just released it's annual global report. john kerry described the war as a human rights calamity. he also announced the creation of a task force to combat antigay. >> we are seeing new laws like the antihomosexualty bill, and signed into law by president earlier this week. which not only makes criminals of people for who they are, but punishes those who defend
1:46 pm
the human rights that are our universal birthright. >> these laws contribute to a global friend of rising violence. and discrimination against lgbt persons and their supporters. and they are in a front to every reasonable conscience in the united states will continue to stand with our lgbt brothers and sisters as we stand up for freedom, for justice, for equal rights. >> rosalyn jordan has more from washington, d.c. such as the press, or restrictions on the press. the freedom of the people to assemble and to make their grievances or rather the crack down on people who are trying to make their complaints known to their governments as well as the on going human rights violations against vulnerable populations. but this year's report including two new areas. a foe the dugs on labor rights on the rights of
1:47 pm
workers in countries rich and poor, and whether they are able to earn a decent living and work in safe conditions. also, the question of impunity, of security forces. the report chronicles dozens of incidents in countries in every hemisphere, where the police or the military have the carried out violations of people civil liberties and have not been held accountability. the u.s. government stresses that even though this country itself is not perfect, it is important to highlight the need for people to be treated with dignity and with respect and under the rule of law. the u.s. secretary of state john kerry stressed that point on thursday, saying that the u.s. would be standing with all peoples because they have an inherent right to their dignity and to their safety. >> still to come, painting in delay. on life in the cambodia. in sports could a former
1:48 pm
management plan the down fall of his former.
1:49 pm
the film maker's pastf under. >> the missing picture is a haunting film made by a haunted man. 49-year-old film maker is
1:50 pm
the only one of his family to survive cambodia's brutal regime in the 1970's. he has been trying to make peace with the memories ever since. >> if i am here today it is not because i'm clearer, or much more stronger than other people. i am here because those people who died helped me to be here today. so it's my duty to defend our dignity. >> he run as heritage center, that compiles what few records remain. it's a pity he says that many young cambodians aren't fully aware of the horrors of his past, so he recreated what he could. no actors or scripts, instead, using clay to represent both the innocence of childhood, and the dead. >> people here believe
1:51 pm
that there's a soul everywhere. it's very important to see that this has a soul, because it's comes from inside. it comes from the earth, come from water. under the sun, it's like light comes from this element to is sun. >> he has made many other fill theles and is already working on his next one, but he says they altell the same story. >> you must understand your past first, your need to build before moving forward. because you are done, it's not -- it is like
1:52 pm
you are reading a book. you cannot read an empty page. >> it is all about feeling, transforming pain into something positive. so regardless of winning the oscar, he says it is triumph enough that he has used cinema as a tool for memory, his country now having taken his film to heart. >> al jazeera. intriguing. let's go to sport news now. >> he has been banned for five match business the english football association for an offensive gesture. the sign has been described as ansi similar metic, something he denied. he says he was just showing his support.
1:53 pm
stay with football, and the first of thursday's 16 europea league titles kicks off. syrian army over an hour, of the the english premier leagues in one of the stand out fixtures. they have a 1-nil league. the biggest managed who led the english site to their last trophy, the lead cup, back in 2008. it is nice to be back at the place, so i am generally happy. >> i think it's an
1:54 pm
opportunity to progress and fight. >> some games have already kicked off. some trouble at the moment, 1-1, as it stands swansey will go through on a way goal. a three the-nil advantage, as they hotted dutch championships in the return leg. the leaders takes a 2-nil lead. to south africa now, where defending champion made without wins from two in their group, they came from 1-nil down to beat ten man. formerman city striker, two minutes after perez satisfied in front. and just before the final whistle, neta made it 2-1 to the champions. >> defending champion is through to the semifinals of the dubai tennis championships he was given a walk over into
1:55 pm
the last eight, when he withdrew to illness, will now face roger federer after the swiss -- in straight sets, phillip also made it through. he beat malik 6-2, 6-3, notching up his 300th career win. top seed advanced to the quarter finals of the mexican open, they are taking place in al coe poke coe. a final set meeting. the second seed andy murray is also through, but he struggled. eventually beating him 6-3, 6-4 to set up an encounter. our children from poor neighborhoods in south africa are being introduced to fencing a sport perceived by some to be played by a privileged few. but fencing is also keeping children off the
1:56 pm
streets. reporting from stratus burg. >> these children in south africa are learning the basics offensing. they come from poor family whose can't afford private legislation sons, all the equipment is needed to practice. but then donations 18-year-old is this year's national common, in her age group. she is also competed in the europe. >> it is the nice. >> fencing is an unconventional sport in many communities. he has only been fencing for about a week, for him, this is not just about doing something new, it also keeps them out of trouble. >> you hang out with the wrong people. my friends and i have
1:57 pm
heard about this -- eh visits schools but says some teach theres -- and discouraging children from participating. it is also still perceived by some as a sport plays by rich white people. fence thing is a question -- yes, the problem is that there is no problem. all we have to do is send a message. just give me a chance. let's see what they can do. >> he believes that practice anything is possible. al jazeera, johannesburg. >> thank you very much for that. thank you for watching, see you in a couple of
1:58 pm
hours time.
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